Reformatory servitude-12 - Soviet Research Center, placed on a little island off the shore of Kamchatka. As a consequence of a fizzled trial, the island fell into a makeshift trap and is presently for all time moved somewhere around 1950 and 2010. Got in this peculiar, always developing spot, where all of a sudden there are hops in time, players will be genuinely tried. Utilizing the compelling weapons and extraordinary exploratory gadget - a versatile time converter, they will fight foes in the at various times, to wreck the nightmarish animals in parallel measurements. Then again, the most vital and troublesome assignment - to figure out how to keep a repulsive calamity in 1950 that in 2010, everything was once more to typical.
Singularity is a first-individual shooter with survival-ghastliness components. A primary gameplay gadget is a curio known as the Time Manipulation Device (TMD). The TMD is controlled by an E-99 center, and can control time. The TMD can move an article regressively or advances in time, draw in something and hold it uncertainly, or send a beat of vitality that can shock or kill adversaries. The TMD can just influence living creatures or questions that have been in contact with E-99 (evidently, practically everything on Katorga-12 is instilled with the component, yet in practice, the TMD can just influence a restricted set of items). Some living creatures, in the same way as the Spetsnaz troops who are secured in overwhelming protective layer intended to repulse E-99, are resistant too.
The TMD could be utilized within conjunction with exceptional force stations scattered over the island that enormously intensify its energy, permitting it to influence questions much bigger than it can typically control, for example, crumpled extensions or wrecks.


June 23, 2010


Action , Shooter , 3D , 1st Person

Developer : 

Raven Software



System requirements 

> Operating system :             Windows XP/Vista/7 
> Processor :                           AMD Athlon X2 4800 + / Intel Pentium D 2,8 GHz
> Memory :                             1 GB 
> Video Card :                        NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (except for series 8400 and 9400) / ATI                                                  Radeon X1800 (except cards X1800 GTO, Radeon HD2400,                                                              Radeon HD2600, and Radeon HD3450) with 256 MB 
> Sound Card :                       Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c 
> Free space on hard disk :   8 GB

Download Link

Download singularity for pc from here

size : 3.24 GB


singularity game review 2013 pc game walkthrough

singularity game review 2013 pc game walkthrough

singularity game review 2013 pc game walkthrough

singularity game review 2013 pc game walkthrough


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