2013 was a very big year for gamers...
the games like battlefield 4, tomb raider and dead space 3 changed gaming experience..


And on the top of the list we have. And the good news is that all these are available for download on GamingSector


what type of pc gamer does not know DOTA 2. It makes it place in top ten most played game almost every year since its release. In 2013 it jumped over League of Legends AKA LOL.

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League of Legends aka LOL

we are not surprised that league of legends is 2nd most played pc game of 2013. It has been effective since its release and have convinced gamers from all over the world to play it

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BioShock Infinite

aciton, adventure, shooting and fight crazy machine like things Role Playing Game

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Bioshock and Bioshock 2

crazy monster/ genetically mutated killing games have always been in the head of pc gamers and if you give these games a good storyline, some very good graphics and of course weapons people will play them like crazy..

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Borderlands 2 and Borderlands Game of The Year (GOTY) Edition

incredible game give gamers a whole new strange world to explore

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XCOM Enemy Unkown

so what if released in 2010. still sold thousands of copies last year.. 

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Battlefield 4

all the versions of battlefield were highly rated, critically acclaimed and one of most successful games.

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Tomb Raider 2013

rated 9/10 on ign. have extreme graphics involves advanced physics and logic.

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Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

one of ubisoft's trophies Assassin's Creed. Yes the whole series is really cool. open world, action, adventure, fighting, strategy RPG. what more you need and the VTH installment is TBR next month.

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The Walking Dead 400 Days

as said earlier. a great story given to a zombie killer survival horror video game. 

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