Dropped in war you are forced to find your way and towards victory and keep your soldiers alive.
Furnished with the learning and experience from the profound forerunner Codename Eagle, the studio set out to make the session they had always wanted. 

Expanding upon and immensely refining the thoughts from Codename Eagle, Battlefield 1942 let players participate in infantry battle and get in the driver's seat of a mixture of vehicles from submarines to warships and aerial attackers. The amusement presented the mark Battlefield rock-paper-scissors gameplay, and also the energizing "Combat zone Moments" individuals allude to when discussing their remarkable and unscripted encounters inside the multiplayer diversion. 

The amusement likewise presented backbone Battlefield ideas, for example, the strategic diversion mode Conquest and joint effort usefulness. Activities like spotting adversaries and repairing harmed vehicles are key Battlefield components that have been a piece of the arrangement following the time when. The way that joint effort was exceedingly remunerated was a break from current standards, and most likely had gigantic impact in its prosperity. 

Combat zone 1942 moved DICE to worldwide praise and provided for them a multi-million fan base. The diversion sold in excess of four million duplicates and has won various grants, including the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences' Game of the Year, Most Innovative Game of the Year, and Online Gameplay of the Year. Most as of late, it was named "Round of the Decade" at the Swedish Video Game Awards in 2010. Maybe all the more essentially, however, it is the diversion that began one of the world's most cherished and played gaming arrangement.


EA/ DICE Games

Release Date

11 September, 2002

System Requirements





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